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Nasi Lemak is a hearty, sincere all-time favourite national dish that gives you the kick of immense satisfaction. This ever popular dish used to be found at the humblest street corner stand sold by the Malay aunties. The rice is cooked to perfection with each grain bursting with fragrant light coconut creaminess. The hypnotizing aromatic smell of pandan leaves is hard to be missed. Mouth-watering sambal is drizzled to provide a perfect mix for the rice that would arouse your sensory through great combination of sweet, sour and spicy. Not forgetting the crispy anchovies fried to perfection of golden brown, accompanied with crunchy peanuts and refreshing slices of cucumber. The charm of Nasi Lemak is irresistible and has truly been a comforting food for all occasions.


As we moved into a new era, we realize the originality of Nasi Lemak is diminishing with the factory-made products and we reminisce the taste we once had. The hours we have waited for our loved ones to prepare the nasi lemak from scratch in the kitchen. While we want to embrace the excitement and development in the new era, we would want to cherish the past. This aligns with our vision! We want everyone to be able to relish the authentic taste of Nasi Lemak with a whole new experience.


To give you the genuineness of Nasi Lemak, we only use herbs, spices and all natural ingredients during our preparation. And that’s not all! We will present it to you in ways you would never imagine before. Whatever we do, we do it from the bottom of our hearts.



She grew up in a small town in Malaysia before marrying and settling down in Singapore with 3 adorable kids. As a kampung girl and having to live and taste all food made from scratch in her kampung, she acquired a passion for authentic food which was genuinely delicious as everything was prepared with heart and sincerity. 


She always misses the authentic taste once she had and fear it would be gone with the time. As time goes by, is getting harder to find the genuine and authenticity once we used to have where everything only uses fresh natural ingredients and prepared from scratch without artificial flavouring or colouring. She wants to bring back those authenticities and sincerity BUT with a twist.


Her marketing career moulded her creativity to bring a twist to her Nasi Lemak as she presents her Nasi Lemak in a different level for an intriguing experience. Here introducing to you: NASI LEMAK INDULGENCE which was created with the mission “To bring back nasi lemak authentic taste and introduce it in a whole new experience”.


She hopes everyone would be able to feel the sincerity of the team and enjoy the nasi lemak in a whole new experience and create memorable memories and experiences with his or her loved ones.

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